Current and Evolving threats in Critical Infrastructure

This video discusses meeting the challenges of protecting critical infrastructure against advanced cyber threats. The national and economic security of a nation depends on the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure. The physical and electronic elements comprising critical infrastructure are increasingly and inextricably interwoven. Enemies of the state and others who would benefit from the disruption of critical infrastructure realize this and can turn to advanced cyber-attacks as means to achieve their end. 

In this webinar, Sameer Bhalotra Ph.D., will discuss. Current and evolving threats to Critical Infrastructure. What the President's Executive Order 13636 and Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework mean to industries and organizations involved in Critical Infrastructure. How advancements in cyber threat defense, detection and response technologies such as Security Analytics play a pivotal role in securing Critical Infrastructure

While Mr. Petersen will discuss the latest advancements in security analytics and how combining deep forensic visibility into host, network and user activity, with advanced machine analytics can accelerate the detection of, and response to, cyber threats to our nation's Critical Infrastructure.

Video: Threats in Critical Infrastructure