Security for Private Clouds (Intel webinar)

Security and resource allocation are the main issues with public cloud computing. One doesnt really have any control over who is managing your firewalls, who is managing the resources that your virtual machines are sitting on.
So, if we look at the security offerings with private cloud hosting, we're going to be much more geared towards physical server aspects. Whether we have 20 virtual machines or 20 physical machines, it's going to be very similar how we think of security because we really don't care what's behind it - what we care about is making sure that each server is secured the same way as it would be in a physical environment.
And then from a resource allocation perspective, it's on us to control your resources when it comes to RAM and CPU and disc usage. So, it's very easy for us to guess, or calculate, not guess, calculate when you're going to run out of your own resources. There's not another client who could, all of a sudden, run some attack on somebody else's equipment - which is what the public cloud is used for a lot.

Video: Security for private clouds