Revolutionary Homogeneity: Converged IT Infrastructures (Intel Document)

For decades, heterogeneous computing systems have represented the rule of thumb in the vast majority of enterprise data centers where a plethora of servers, storage arrays and net-working switches hum amid a swirl of multi-colored cables. Here, growth can be remarka-bly non-strategic. Systems are chosen according to application/workload requirements, management or administrator preference, winning proof of concept (POC) bids or fire sale pricing by preferred vendors and VARs. As a result, most facilities are far more complex and far less efficient than they could be. However, continuing technological and market evolution have given rise to a far more revo-lutionary and potentially more effective sort of homogeneity; what most people refer to as “converged IT infrastructures” where all of a data center’s assets are based on Intel’s indus-try standard x86 architecture.

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Benefits and Evolution of Converged IT Infrastructure