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GenCyber Scholarship Camp 2014

GenCyber Scholarship Camp 2014 – The University of Arizona to host a cyber-security scholarship program for high school students and teachers.

In June & July, 2014, the University of Arizona will host cybersecurity, scholarship camps for high school students and teachers. Two, week-long camps will be conducted at the Biosphere 2 in which Arizona students and teachers will learn about and be trained on cybersecurity concepts such as: basics of computer systems, networks, computer network defenses, cyberthreats, and exploitations of computer systems and networks. The ultimate goal of the camps is to give students and teachers the opportunity to engage with cybersecurity experts and to learn about cybersecurity tools. The project will leverage the ongoing cybersecurity research projects that are funded by The National Science Foundation and The Department of Defense organizations to develop engaging modules and experiments.

Information about the GenCyber Scholarship Camp 2014 will be posted on the website Camp registration will start shortly. If you would like to receive updates and news about the camp by e-mail, please write to Katy Shearman at

The GenCyber Scholarship Camp 2014 is funded by the National Science Foundation. Cyber Stars promotes improvement in cybersecurity education at the secondary school levels (grades 7 through 12) to attract students to the field of cybersecurity.