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UA Technology Innovation Award

UA Technology Innovation Award Honors Salim Hariri’s Advancement of CyberSecurity

As a young boy in Syria, Salim Hariri spent his time building tiny radios and dreamed of one day becoming an electrical engineer. Today he is a cybersecurity expert known in academic and government circles for his ability to think outside the box and far beyond the constrains of today’s computer systems. For his work in cyber-security autonomic computing technology, the University of Arizona recognized Hariri, director of the National Science Foundation Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing, with a 2013 Technology Innovation Award.

“He and his research team are advancing technology that has the potential to revolutionize how the world manages, secures and protect its cyber-resources,” said Tamal Bose, ECE department head. While his entrepreneurial contributions are much grander and far more complex than the transistor radios of his boyhood, they still stem from a desire to make something useful, to do work that reaches the masses and makes a difference. The litmus test, Hariri said, is whether the research will result in something “somebody can pick up and use.”

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Advancing Cyber Security: Dr. Salim Hariri, UA Site Director, NSF Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing