New Cybersecurity Incident Response Approach

Protecting against cyber threats is an ongoing management challenge for organizations. There are many weaknesses in traditional cyber security models, but there are also new and improved solutions arising in the market. Today’s cyber security infrastructure contains a number of detection, analysis and remediation gaps. Organizations should be focusing on two things: detecting unknown threats and responding faster and more comprehensively to security incidents. However, currently organizations focus most of their attention on alerting and prevention tools.
This is undoubtedly why the majority of security breaches are not discovered until months after the fact. When it comes to detection, most organizations rely primarily on signature-based alerting and prevention solutions, such as intrusion detection systems and antivirus, and they rely on data leakage prevention tools to catch data spills. These products only catch what you tell them to look for, which leaves serious detection, analysis and remediation gaps in your cyber security program.

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Cybersecurity Incident Response approach